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Protecting Your Assets and Legacy

A trust is a legal entity created to protect and control your assets. It allows you to ensure that your property and finances are managed and distributed according to your wishes during your lifetime and after death. With a trust, you can set forth instructions for what you want to happen if you become mentally or physically ill or pass on. Additionally, as it is completely confidential, it may help protect your assets from creditors or lawsuits, as well as shield your assets from going through a time-consuming and expensive court process known as probate. 

At the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho, we provide honest and trusted legal counsel. Our Sacramento trust attorney works with clients in planning for their futures, ensuring that they have the information they need to make informed and confident decisions. We stay connected with our clients and take the time to explain the finer details that go into creating a trust, what makes it different from a will, and the advantages and drawbacks of a trust. We are committed to delivering legal guidance that gives our clients the peace of mind that their interests are being protected.

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Discussing your assets and estate planning goals with a trust lawyer in Sacramento is a smart move. They can help you understand your legal options. At the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho, we have years of experience drafting living trust documents and providing clients with sound advice. 

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The Basics of a Trust

One of the primary estate planning tools is a living trust. With this legal vehicle, a Settlor transfers assets to a trust for the benefit of one or more other people or organizations. They also specify how those assets will be handled if they can no longer manage them because of incapacitation or death.

The Settlor has control over the assets in the trust and can change the provisions at any time. When the individual passes on or if they are unable to manage their own estate, a Successor Trustee will take over and handle everything according to the Settlor’s instructions.

The Successor Trustee is responsible for:

  • Using the assets for the Settlor’s benefit,
  • Paying debts with the estate, and
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries.

How a Trust Differs from a Will

If you’re considering developing an estate plan, you might come across terms like “wills” and “trusts.” Both are valid options for planning for your future, but they have different functions.

Below are a few differences between wills and trusts:

  • Probate: Before the provisions of a will can be carried out, it must go through probate, a court process where the will is verified. A trust avoids probate.
  • Privacy: Because wills must go through court, some proceedings may be public. However, because probate is not necessary for trusts, personal matters stay private.
  • Effective date: A will takes effect after a person’s death. A trust is effective during the Settlor’s lifetime.

Even if a person establishes a trust, creating a “pour-over” will is also important. The pour-over will catches assets that the person did not put into the trust. Without it, property inadvertently left out of the trust would be subject to distribution according to California’s laws.

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Consider Establishing a Trust

Creating a trust can provide you with peace of mind that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes if something happens to you. It doesn’t matter your age or the size of your estate. Having a trust is important for controlling what happens to it when you’re gone. 

Without a trust, California law will decide who gets what based on how they were related to you. The state’s property distribution might not align with your wishes. A trust helps ensure that whoever you decide should get certain assets will receive them, and nobody gets left out.

For help ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of after your passing, speak with our trust attorney in Sacramento.

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