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Every day that we get on the road, we depend on other drivers to be responsible so we can all get to our destinations safely. When drivers fail in their duty to drive safely and alertly, then you may be left with painful injuries, costly medical bills and vehicle damage, and an uncertain road ahead. At the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho, our personal injury attorneys have helped injured clients successfully navigate the accident claims process. We can handle every step of the legal process so you can focus on making doctor’s appointments and taking care of yourself. We can wrangle with the insurance company for you to make sure your rights and interests are fully protected, and that you get every dime that you are owed.

Negligence in Car Crashes, Trucking Collisions & Motorcycle Accidents

Whatever type of motor vehicle accident you have been in, the form of recklessness or carelessness involved is often a common one. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have handled many such cases, and we know how to collect the evidence and details necessary to prove that the other driver is liable, or legally responsible, for your accident and losses.

Some examples of a driver failing in their duty to avoid injuring others on the road include:

  • Failing to provide reasonable repairs to their vehicle to keep it street safe
  • Losing control of their vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Ignoring rules of the road, such as running a red light or not looking out for pedestrians
  • Driving recklessly, especially not taking precautions in inclement weather
  • Driving in the wrong direction

Some forms of negligence are far more obvious than others, but even in such cases, it is still the insurance adjuster’s job to avoid as much liability as possible. They want to get their driver off the hook and pass the blame and the bill onto you. Since California is a “comparative negligence” state, that means that even if you share some blame for the crash, you can still have the chance to recover compensation. It also means that if you share liability for the crash, then this would reduce the amount of money insurance pays you. If you have a legal team on your side, you will benefit from having a legal advocate pushing back against the insurance company to make sure you aren’t denied any of the compensation you’re owed.

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Our Attorneys Won’t Settle for Less Than You’re Owed

The first offer from an auto insurance company is almost always a shamefully low one, hoping that you will accept it quickly and thus save their company a great deal of money. But you deserve more than that offer, and you deserve to be able to focus your time and energy where it matters most. Let our team handle the legal hurdles and negotiations for you. Our Sacramento motor vehicle accident attorneys will also provide timely, honest, and clear communication at every step of the process. We will ensure you always understand what’s happening and why we’re taking the steps we are. Let’s start reviewing your legal options and what your case could be worth.

We will respond to your calls and emails within 2 business days or less. Call (916) 507-2264 or email us today to experience our commitment to responsive communication.

We are proud to assert the rights of injured motorists, passengers, and pedestrians across Sacramento County, Santa Clara County, Solano County, and beyond.

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Below are some of the reasons clients choose the Law Office of Vincent Van Ho:

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  • Ensure Attorneys Handle Your Case, Not Clerks or Paralegals

We work on accident cases with efficiency and meticulousness, aiming to help our clients recover their full financial damages as quickly as possible. We want to help you get back on your feet with the financial backing you need. In order to build the strongest case possible, however, we need time on our side as well. You also shouldn’t talk to the other insurance company until you’ve spoken to a lawyer first. Please don’t wait to take the first step to winning your accident claim. Start today.

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